My experience with art.

(Since I made you do yours.)

When I was eight we went to my grandmother’s house for the second or third time in my life. Grama Helen was an artist and she was a teacher. In her basement was a huge table, probably 12 x 20, covered with things she used to make art. She also had boxes and file cabinets full of things. That mysterious, cool, dank, surprising basement full of art was my first introduction to art.

There was a picture window in their house (Grama Helen and Grampa Guy’s) that framed the San Francisco peaks. I would sit for long stretches of time and stare out the window at those mountains. I loved seeing them. I think that was my first experience with art… and it was in nature.

Years later, maybe thirty, I found a poster entitled Suzanna by Itzchak Tarkay. He painted another Suzanna later and if you look it up online that’s the one you are likely to find. But this Suzanna had blues and reds…. I loved the colors as well as the look. But the poster was $20 framed and with two little kids I didn’t feel like I could buy the poster right away. Four years later, though, my husband bought it for me.

I’ve loved art for many years, starting in my grandmother’s basement, and through eBay and garage sales I have gotten some really beautiful pieces of art.

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