S’s compare/contrast example

Rudy and I have been looking for a house for a few weeks now. That is, I have been looking and Rudy has agreed to see the finalists. Jean has shown me sixty-five houses. Many of them just do not fit our needs. For a while I kept looking at houses on Willow Point. Every time Jean came up with a listing there, I would want to go look at it, regardless of the price or size. I finally realized that Willow Point is the street Rudy grew up on. Since I quit looking there, I have found two houses which might work for us. They are both in our price range and have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a nice yard. The two houses are very different in substance and problems, though.

The two houses Rudy is going to look at are very different in substance as far as style, size, and accoutrements. The first is a Colonial two story with sixteen hundred square feet. The second is a mid-century ranch with fifteen hundred square feet. The small size difference is probably eliminated by taking away the area of the stairs, so they are about the same size in usable square footage. The first house has a detached garage, which is not ideal, but it has a working spa in the back yard. The second house has an attached garage, which makes bringing in groceries in the rain a lot easier, but there is no spa there. Clearly both houses have pluses and minuses.

One of the big minuses for both houses is that they both have problems with their cooling systems and the roofs. In our price range we have to expect that. The first house has an air conditioning system that is brand new, but it is made for a house half the size. That means the downstairs is cool, but the upstairs is not. Since the bedrooms are upstairs, that is a big negative. In addition, the roof on the first house is getting old and will need to be replaced soon. The second house, on the other hand, has a working air conditioning system, but it is over ten years old. The real problem with the second house, though, is the roof needs to be replaced immediately. The roof right over the refrigerator has a new leak and there is an older leak in the linen closet. The problems in both houses are substantial.

We have looked for a house for a while and we need to move, since our house in Austin sold. Both houses have the minimum we need in terms of bedrooms, bathrooms, and yard. They both also have big problems. We thought we would be better off in Houston, but it turns out that we cannot get as nice a house as we were expecting in our price range unless we give up on Rudy’s old neighborhood and move out to the suburbs. I guess I will look at houses in a new neighborhood next week.

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