Dancing at the Louvre: Remember that picture we looked at?

I found a slideshow online that gives some background on the work. I quoted them quoting it! Read the rest at the site.

Faith Ringgold ( 1930 ) Sketch for “Dancing at the Louvre”
Color Marker on paper 1990

Partial text from the quilt (see finished image for the rest):

Dear Aunt Melissa,

Marcia and her three little girls took me dancing at the Louvre. I thought I was taking them to see the Mona Lisa. You’ve never seen anything like this. Well, the French hadn’t either. Never mind Leonardo da Vinci and Mona Lisa, Marcia and her three girls were the show.

2 They ran me ragged. Marcia wanted to go one way and the children another. The baby girl wanted to jump. The other two wanted to run, and did. Then they all just broke into a dance when we finally found the Mona Lisa.

3 Pierre used to say “Cherchez le fauteuil roulant, just get a wheelchair at the door of the Louvre, ‘cause if you don’t you’re gonna need one going home.” I’ve been to the Louvre a hundred times, but never have I seen it like this. It was like looking at all the pictures upside down from a racing car going 100 kilometres a l’heure. (129)

From: Cameron, Dan et al. Faith Ringgold’s French Collection and Other Story Quilts – Dancing at the Louvre. University of California Press : Berkeley, California, 1998, 125.

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