Not sure what to wear?

How to dress for a business interview Going into a job interview is nerve racking enough, don’t worry about what to wear. This site gives great advice on how to make a good impression just by the clothes you’re wearing.

Black tie White tie, what’s the difference? This site is great if you’ve ever been invited to a formal event that was “Creative Black Tie” and wondered, “What the heck is that?” It gives several illustrations of what is and is not appropriate for your party setting.

How to dress on the first date This one’s for the girls. Ladies, your clothes say alot about you so what you wear on the first date is crucial. This site helps you form ideas on what will win him over.

Meeting the Inlaws If you rearrange the letters in “Mother in-law” you get “Woman Hitler” coincidence? I think not. Meeting his parents is scary, but knowing what to wear can give you some extra and well needed confidence. This site helps you decide what to wear to make a great first impression.

How to dress for the gym Sure going to the gym is no beauty contest, but it is a bit annoying wondering what you should wear to the gym. Guy or girl, this site provides several great ideas on what you should or should not be wearing to the gym.

At the work place Whether you work in coporate office or the local coffee shop, your attire plays a big role in the way people view you. This site lays down a few ground rules on how to impress your boss or coworkers, and not give that creepy guy in cubicle 4 the wrong idea.

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