Nurse Becoming a nurse has many good advatages one of them is that registered nurses constitute the largest health care occupation, with 2.5 million jobs. About 59 percent of jobs are in hospitals. Studing nursing also gives you an opportunity to get a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree, and even a diploma from an nursing program. You also never have to worry about getting a job in the futer becouse registered nurses are projected to generate about 587,000 new jobs over the 2006-16 period.  This page talks about what many people think a nurse is and what they do. Every one agrees that nursing combines the elements of caring, problem-solving, and treating patients all into one exciting. it also tells you that nurses today can customize their career to their own specific interests and skills. For example if you like babys you can become a labor and delivery nurse or become a certified nurse midwife. Or if you like learning and teaching you can become a nursing professor.  This page gives you information about the education you need to become a nurse. It also gives you information about how many years you will need to get a bachelor’s degree or associate degree nursing. It also gives you the information about other tipes of nurses for example licensed vocational nurse and it also talks about their salary which is an average salary of $36,210.  This page gives information about the top five hottes careers in nursing. One of them is Travel Nursing Careers it also tells you how much they get pay. Other nursing careers they talk about and give information about are Military Nursing Careers Forensic Nursing Careers Legal Nurse Consulting Careers and Surgical Nursing Careers.  This article talks about the opportunity for those who have considered becoming a registered nurse can have. They give information on their salary for example a starting nurse can expect to earn between $30,000 and $45,000 a year, but it ramp up into the mid-$70,000 range, they also get bonuses of as much as $14,000. This article makes you stop seeing the bad hours a nurse can have by giving you their range salary.  Gives knowledge about what nursing school is like. And what are the path ways a person needs to take in oder to become a nurse. tells you the difference about a BSN and a ADN. It also give you all the nursing specialty areas.

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