southern hiphop This site talks about artics favorite songs of all-time. Other topics are about how songs came to life by listing to other music. This site talk about the breaking news and the new things that are going on in the music indstory. the site talks about album release dates and tour dates. This site talks about race in rap music. The site shows how people think that rap music is only for blacks.

“Rapper found Dead in Hotel” The site talks about on of the biggest southern rappers that died. The article shows the title and topic of some of the artices best songs. This site talks about the major cities that is known for hip-hop in the south. It also shows the different elements and styles that hip-hop has. This site talks about how hip-hop may be seen as the civil rights movement was seen in the early days. The shows how the FBI tries to justify the targeting of Rap Artists by telling us that their songs allegedly advocate violence against police officers.

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