Robotics’ links  This website gives a detailed explination of what FIRST robotics is about. Its main goal is to get students and people involved with science and engineering.  It shows you that everybody could get involved with it even young kids. Its main purpose is to show kids how science and technology could be fun and also educational  The website is for highschool students who participate in the competition or who is looking to get involved in the competition. It gives a description of the game and the rules it also shows what past games where. If you wanna know about standings or what your school came in this is a good website.  This website is one of the schools that participate in robotics. it shows the team members and mentors. It shows the history of what competitions they participated in and shows all the awards they won.  This is one of NASA robot that they sent outer space. It gives a demestration of how the technology used for the robotics competition could be used in real life.  The website has pictures of other robots that compete in the FIRST competition. It explains some of the software used in the competition as well as parts used

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