Abortion is Sinful

Abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States. There might be situations where abortions is not a wrong thing to do, but there are still more explanations and arguments on why it is an act of violence against the unborn child. For my own beliefs, abortion is a moral sin and no one has the right to decide whether someone needs to be alive or dead. Killing a baby is unforgivable. It is the mother’s own fault and responsibility to be in a situation they never wanted to be in. People might not think the baby do not feel the pain while being aborted, but what they do not know is they feel as much pain as we do when being killed by someone that do not want us to be a live. It is the parents’ responsibility to take care of their child, and never will have the right to take an unborn child’s life. Abortion is not a freedom of choice that liberates women, but instead, liberates men who does not want to have any responsibilities. Killing an unexpected baby is never a right thing to do and never will solve any problems. The Bible clearly teaches that human life is different from other types of life because beings are made in the very image of God. Only God can judge us whether we should be dead or a live. Abortion is an unthinkable act because children were viewed as a gift or heritage from the Lord, and killing a baby is like trying to kill God himself. Abortion is not only wrong to people, but also wrong in the eyes of God. It is a wrongful way to play God and a process of murdering God’s children, and God’s own flesh and blood. Abortion is ruthless, unmerciful, and sinful.

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