Capital Punishment Is Unfair

The death penalty is a cruel and unfair punishment. This punishment can sometimes result in confusion and misinterpretation and there can be a large number of wrongful convictions. There has been many innocent people that have been executed, and this has been an anguish of a wasted life because they have spent their precious moments away from their family and friends when it was not their fault. It is unfair sometimes because there is an influence on who gets executed and who does not by the person’s economic status and race. Wealthy people can hire their own council and are almost all the times said to be set free no matter how bad their crimes were, they have the opportunity to buy their lives while the poor do not run with the same luck. Racial bias may play a role when deciding who dies; an example of this is that those who kill a white preson are more likely to receive the death penalty than those who kill a black person. It is not fair when the state decides the criminal should die because in my opinion they are not being human, they are just responding violence with violence. To prevent a criminal from committing another crime they could be killed but putting them behind bars forever will also work. I believe that the state should not be able to decide who dies, and who does not because they are not god to decide this. I’d rather want the criminals to stay alive and face the justice system and live with the fact of what they did. Instead of giving the death penalty, the states should think of another method that does not interfere with god’s job.God gave us life and he should be the one that takes it away from us.The death penalty is only used by those who choose evil.

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