Helping Animals

The Humane Society. This site is very useful to know about the issues that affect our pets. Also gives sites and information on other animal shelters. Also wants to help stop puppy mills, which are breeders that keep animals locked up in horrible condition.

Little Shelter. Very fun animal shelter site with lots of ways to volunteer to help raise money for our pets, it is also a no-kill shelter. So much information on shelters and how to help keep shelters like this one running.

Animal Rights. An organization that saves animals around the houston area. The site shows stories and a picture of the animal they have rescued.

Houston SPCA. The SPCA is very known for its help with homeless animals. If you want to help by adopting or just volunteering this site is for you. Lots of information on education, donating, and volunteering.

Pet Finder. If you lost a pet or just want to find a loving furry friend. This site shows you a picture of a dog that wants to be adopted and information.

Animal Planet. Expecific information for your pet on how to; care for your pet. Also shows you information on an expecific breed. Shows you information on your pets health.

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