Not all illegal immigrants come to America  to do wrong. Most immigrants come to america for the opportunity and privileges that some Americans take for granted. They want their chance to make money, and own land. Most come here to take jobs americans do not want and get paid way cheap for their labor and hard work. Most americans complain that illegal immigrants are taking their jobs and over crowding our population. If these americans that are complaining about the jobs wanted them than they should of taken them than instead of complaning. Some americans are saying our nation’s infrastructure is deteriorating because of the rapid population growth. Americans are complaining about investing in more schools and other types of public places. Their plan to stop illegal immigration is build a wall and tighten up the borders. The United States want to build a bigger wall between the U.S and Mexico and the wall is suppose to stop immigration, but who are they gonna get to build the wall. They also wanna put high tech cameras and more border patrol. But my opinion is illegal immigrants that come here to work hard and do right by following all laws should be allowed in the U.S.

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