Mike Huckabee versus John McCain – Opposing Republicans

While both Mike Huckabee and John McCain are strong Republicans, the two seem to differ on many topics. One topic the men differ greatly on is immigration.

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is strongly against illegal immagration, as well as government funding for those who have traveled here illegally. Huckabee believes our nation’s borders must be secured immediatley to ensure the safety of our country. He also believes no amnesty should be granted for the twelve million immigrants already living here. While serving as governor, Huckabee passed a bill prohibiting all illegal immigrants from recieving driver’s license in the state of Arkansas. Although Senator McCain also belive securing the borders is an important issue, his views on the millions already living here are very differnt from his former running mate. In 2006 McCain voted to establish a guest worker program granting illegal immigrants who had worked in the Unites States for at least five years a path to citizenship. In the same year McCain voted against prohibiting illegal aliens from reciecing social security. Not only does McCain hope to grant several million illegal immigrants citizenship, but also provide for them using our hard-earned tax dollars. Meanwhile Huckabee is working hard to send the illegal immigrants back to their country of origin. These are two very differnt views from two men in the same party.

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