Securing Our Borders

People come to America to have a better life for themselves and their families. Most of the illegal immigrants coming over are men looking for work. There are an estimated twelve million immigrants living in the U.S. We need to find ways to protect our borders. Some people believe we need comprehensive reform. To secure our borders we need to use better technology and improve infrastructure. A senator from Mississippi endorsed putting U.S. soldiers on the border with Mexico to protect the country against illegal immigrant invasion. Some people are convinced the numbers of illegals could be greatly reduced with the right combination of fences, all-weather roads, technology, and adequate staffing adapted in different mixes to the different environments of the border. Operation Gatekeeper is aimed to stop the flow of immigrants by concentrating military and police forces along traditional crossing routes on the border to seal them off.  Operation Gatekeeper and similar approaches to reducing illegal immigration place extra police and Border Patrol agents along commonly traveled migrant corridors. New fences, sensors, canals, and lights have been installed at traditional crossing routes. This will help reduce illegal immigration.

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