What Hurts the Most “President Election”

The Democratic had a busy election this time around; however there are reasons why one of them will lose. There is of supporters that had turned their backs on Obama, because he considered Donnie McClurken on his South Carolin tour. McClurken is a gospel singer who is know to be anti-gay, because of this Obama has lost a large number of the gay community votes. Hillary has been a long time friend of the LGBT and has claimed the votes that Obama has lost. Gay rights have been in the news more now then ever.
Their are other thing that had help Obama chance to win. As you can tell where ever Hillary is Bill Clinton is not too far behind. Mr. Clinton has been known to campaigning on behalf of his wife Hillary; this alone has hurt her campaign badly. Because whenever Ms. Clinton is in public, Mr. Clinton is right there with her and a self-importantly smirk.
So it is not hard to tell that both sides have hurt there campaign in many ways then the one that I have just listed. To be able to know who is going to win is hard to tell at this point. On the other hand by the time any one reads this the election may just be done with and we have a new candidate on the democratic ticket. Besides there are many other candidates that have not hurt themselves as badly, like these two, that could win the election, come the first Tuesday of November.

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