What love is to you

Have you ever asked yourself what is love? A lot of people think that they know what the word means, but they do not. To many people love is just a word that people use to show how they feel. The definition of the word love say’s “Love is a strong positive emotion of regard or devotion”. To me love is like a person who is looking for a cure to never be alone. Love is a dream that everyone would want to have and never wake up from, but when you do wake you can not go back to the dream that you saw your love in. Love is a feeling that not everyone will get a chance to know.

Falling in love for the first time is the best feeling to know. When people think of love they think of two people who love each other, but love can be put into anything that someone would be happy to tell the world about. Marriage is a love that two people need and want to have in order to keep their relationship going well. Love can be seen in a child that plays sports. When someone gets their first chance to know how love makes them feel, it will change their outlook on how they look and cherish things in their life. Love brings people happiness when they need to feel it.

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