Animal Testing!!

Animal Testing Facts Experiments on animal testing are cruel, and some animals do not live. Many animals die each year resulting from animal testing gone wrong. Drugs tested on animals, show that can also be harmful to humans, even killing them 61% of the time.

Costmetic Testing Companies claim they use animal testing to ensure their products are not harmful. Millions of companies kill millions of animals to perform animal testing. Many times animal testing is not accurate, and still harm humans. Wouldn’t you want to know if your make-up is safe to put on your skin?

Pros and Cons of Animal Testing Animal testing has two sides, you are either for it of against it, or for it. Animal testing puts animals through lots of pain and can help save a humans life. Also, you take animals lifes and don’t accomplish the experiment. Animal testing can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Without animal testing we would not know the harmful things for humans.

Cruelty or Science? Animal testing is still a major controversial topic, wether it is done for scientific reasons or for cruelty. Animals as well as humans have their own rights.  Some experiments are too extreme, and end up killing the animal.

Alternatives for Animal Testing “We do not test beauty ingredients on animals.” P&G has found other alternatives to test products, they are not performing experiments on animals. Their are sometimes that we have to meet safety and regulatory obligations.

Animal Testing is necessary for science and human health Animal testing is becoming necessary, because how are you supposed to know if a product can harm you, or help you. Live animal testing offers an extra level of certainty before drugs are put on the market. If animal testing was not performed humans would not know what medicine or beauty products are safe and non- harmful.

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