on this website you will find out how to take bartending classes, talk to other bartenders  to get a little bit more familiar on how to bartend.  It also teaches others how to be a aiter , fine dining, and how to be  a wine expert.

Extreme bartending consists of barting seminars one can attend to learn additional informartion about how to bartend.  It also tells one about the supplies that are used when one is bartending.  Competitions that other bartenders have our also talked about and shown on this website.

Joe bartender is an actual expert in bartending.  He can show one what goes in waht drink, how to make a drink and how to make multiple drinks at the same time.  He also shows how to be creative with making one’s own recipe and the garnishes that go with it.

The webbartender website gives the specific ingredients on drinks.  It also has a forum that one can check to see if there is a differnce between one recipe or another.  If one also does not have a recipe or does not no whats in it this website shows specifically what one needs to use to make the cocktail.

Legends of bartending is a big competition they have every year.  Thousands of competitors come out to compete for a prize a fourty thousand  dollars. They show ther skills, talent , flame work and any other tricks they know.

Basically on this site, questions are frequently asked and others are responding back to the questions.  Any information one might want to share about bartneding is posted on this website.  

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I am 5'7 african american. half west indian american. I love food and drinking my life away. Want to teach 9th grade math in about 2 years
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