Heros are Everywhere

     A hero can be a person or animal who is courageous, brave, and is willing to help or even give their life to protect someone or something. Heroes are everywhere. They can be someone sitting right next to you or living some where in your neighborhood. There are many different meanings of a hero. 

A person that has just gone through a tough situation like a death or divorce. They can find a hero in another person that will help them get through it. There is also different situations when a hero is needed. When someone is trapped in a burning house or in a vehicle sinking into water. The men and women that risk their lives to go inside to help them are all heroes. All the women and men that are fighting for the United States of America to keep us safe from terrorist and other dangers are heroes. Dogs that were taken to ground zero after the Trade Centers collapse, and were searching for the men and women that were buried alive, and found many of them still alive, are heroes.

Heroes can come in many different forms, shapes, and sizes. People help people every day and do not like being called a hero. But, In the minds and hearts of many, they are heroes.

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