School Violence!

School violence is an issue that has evolved from bad to worse over time. More than six thousand young people were caught in schools with guns and only thirteen were prosecuted. What does that say about the way we handle the situation?

Students need to learn to teach eachother with respect, and receive punishment for their actions. Why do we limit our school policies to so little discipline? Parents have so much impact on their child’s life, instead of getting offensive when their child is punished for misbehaving. It is time to get a generation of school administrators and school board with guts to stand up to the students parents.

Knowing students better and helping them deal with their problems sooner, is the best way to prevent future shootings. We need to show our students compassion, make them feel like they belong in school. We do not want them to feel that school is a place where their coming to be ridiculed and ignored. Understanding each individual we can save and could have saved many lives. School violence leads to many horrible acts that could have been prevented. We need to bring back a humble and secure school system so students do not feel the need to come to school armed.

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