Sex Education or No Education

Do you know enough about sex to say that you are an expert? Most likely you do not. Every day new statistics show how teenagers are uniformed about issues that affect their future and everybody else around them.

There are several programs that are focused on sex issues and how to educate teenagers about it. The purpose of these programs is to inform teenagers of the facts of sex and the consequences of having unprotected sex.

Besides pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS, HPV, and herpes, are just a few of the unreversible consequences of unprotected sex. It is estimated that there are over 900,000 teenage pregnancies a year in the United States. 

A certain amount of these pregnancies are planned, but a majority are a result of a variety of circumstances. These may include intentional for a particular interest, unintentional when unprotected sex, and others for a violation. Whatever may be the reason for these pregnancies, the truth is that is a concern to society in general. Because many of these teenagers do not have the proper income to support a new life, government programs have been created to help them start a family.

But where does the money for these programs come from? Much of that money comes from us: taxpayers. Whatever is your opinion on sex education, consider how it effects many in general. 

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