What is Criminal Justice?

What is Criminal Justice? In this website it states the defintion of Criminal Justice and the types of jobs it offers. It also states the types of degrees and training you could need in your studyfield of interest.

Education in Criminal Justice In this website you could find information and links on everything you have questions and about it evens shows you examples of resumes to who is hiring. It also has general career links in a specific area.

Types Of Careers In this webpage you can find all types of Careers in the Criminal Justice area. Just by simply clicking on links such as a FBI agent. On this site you can know what types of degrees you need, requirements and training. It also states everything they are looking for in order to get hired. Very good site to find information on your desired career in criminal justice.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice In this website you can find all types of imformation concerning the state of Texas. This site offers information of what the Department of Criminal Justice in Texas manages offenders in state prisions and state jails etc.. It also offers information on employment and general information such as death row information.

Is Criminal Justice for you? This webpage is just a article of Criminal justice persuading to go into that field. It has information on how the field of criminal justice is going to have a postive growth in certain jobs. If you are interest if tell you where to go to find a job. It also has criminal justice programs and what you’ll learn.

Career Overviews In this webpage it offers general information of both Law and Criminal Justice jobs. It offers the Career and job highlights, the overview on what their job is, the requirements, training and even their earnings in the job.

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