Our War on Drugs

Drugs have undoubtedly caused major problems in our society.  Between the addiction caused by drugs and the headache drugs have caused for our judicial system, there is a need to change the way our society handles the drug problem. 

I feel that our government could put more time and money in the health effects and in the education on the prevention of drugs, rather than the losing effort of punishing drugs users.  The legalization of drugs has been discussed as a way of changing this social problem. 

The problem with legalization is no one knows what the outcome would truly be.  Would we be making the drug problem worse or would we be giving citizens the freedom and the help needed to end this epidemic through our own social integrity?  I personally think that most people would not have the will power to stay away from the harder drugs if these drugs were legal and easier to obtain at a cheaper price. 

This is why I think we should start with the legalization of a lighter drug like marijuana to see how society adjusts, than move on if needed.  Our current laws unfairly put marijuana under the same catagory as some of the harder drugs.  There are good citizens with good jobs supporting their family being imprisoned for marijuana.  Some consider the effects of the legal drug alcohol to be worse than the effects of marijuana. 

Yet, if we treated illegal drugs like we do alcohol by understanding the health effects and offering people the help to get off of alcohol and drugs, than we would be able to help people, instead of punishing people for their usage.  Most do not seek help for a drug problem for the fact that drugs are illegal.  Should we be waiting until a person is imprisoned before we offer them help?  Regardless of how the government handles the legalization of drugs, we need to be treating the drug problem as a health problem rather than a legal one.        

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