School Violence

How can we prevent another school shooting, another child bombing a school?

Many parents are now cautious on their children’s schools and surroundings. If teachers and school faculty would prevent on campus bullying can save one childs life. All tearchers and faculty should be trained on how to deal with every day situations. There can be many factors on which can lead to a student wanting to hurt themselves or others. There are many factors that can cause a student to snap for example poverty, family, school, adulthood transition,drugs, etc. And for those who have experience with being bullied should receive some kind of counseling which may help resolve untold issues. Talking with someone and expressing their feelings may help them live in peace with no hate or tendency for revenge.

For the students have been picked on should think about what might come from there actions.The schools approach to school violence is now taken seriolsly with many different threats. But why wait to prevent or act upon after hundreds have been killed?

Schools should take all precautions on keeping their children of harms way. If necessary stregthening their securtiy, checking students while entering school, having drills for this types of situations. School violence has increased throughout the years with so many new ways of harming and killing hundreds of innocent people. After the Columbine shooting every one should be thinking of ways they can prevent another violent massacre. Students and teachers should not be threatned and scared to go to school.

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