A lesson in life to Learn

There are many things that can be learn in life, some good and some not so good. One of the main lessons in life that can be learn is how to treat others and that not all people are the same. You see prejudices come in many forms not just the race issue. I am of the faith Wicca and I have came across prejudices in one of its many forms. I have had church groups come and pray around me and try to convert me to there ways. I have even had mothers pull their children away from me for they had fear what they though I would to them. There are many ignorant people still walking this earth, if they would just stop and ask for some understanding they would be a bit wiser and understanding.
The main lesson here is not only to have understanding, but know that not all people are like this with the faith of others. There are alot of understanding people out there, just that it harder to find them. There are many people in a group or faith so to judge the whole group by the action of one person. It is person to know that one person can not speak for the whole. There may be different people in this world but know that there is many people within a groups as well. The main lesson is we all must have understanding of ever one there wither they are there to hurt you are there to help, for there is a reason for ever thing.

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