An Important lessson I learned

An important lesson I learned is to watch the people I hang out with. Hanging with the wrong crowd have almost got me in trouble and recently almost got me killed. Jealousy and envy played a big part in this situation. Sometimes when people see that you have talent and that you’re about to do something good with your life they try to bring you down with them.

The people involved were the people who I thought I could trust, basically the people who knew too much about me. This altercation stopped me from auditioning in something I knew I could make in my sleep. This something could have changed my life forever, but I was willing to chase that dream so much that the enemy knew I would fall for that setup. This goes with the saying ‘sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a train coming.’ The choices we make can determine whether we succeed or fail. I am an living example of that.

You should put your trust in God and not other people because people will let you down. This is an very important lesson I learned which could have resulted in me losing my life.

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