Favorite person

I would have to say my favorite person is David Scarcella. Mr. S as i called him, he was my high school teacher for four years and my mentor for robotics. When i was in eighth grade Mr. S when to go recruit me for his pre- engineering class. My freshman year he was starting an after school program called robotics and that is how it all began and made my high school experiance fun.  Mr. S is the type of person to help you out before he helps himself. When i was down or upset or had problems with anything i knew that i could go to him to talk. Mr. S and me built or robotics club and made it to what it is today a “championship team”. Robotics was my home away from home. Mr. S always tried to give us whatever we needed no matter what tha cost was. Along with Mr. S I made two of my best friends there. Even though im out of high school i still go back to go visit him to hang out and talk about things. I also go back and mentor our team to help them do better and this year they took the gold home and that is something we put alot of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears into. If you ask anybody that has been in robotics or has had him for a class they could tell you the same thing about Mr. S. He will always be remembered and I will always remember his generosity and be there for him when he needs me. 

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