May twenty-seventh was the the day my parents and I have been waiting for ever since my first class of kindergarden, graduation day. It was a big accomplishment to graduate because beeing committed to something for so long and finally finishing the job was a big deal. A big reason I am proud of what I accomplished is that I am the oldest sibling of my immediate family, and the oldest of all the grandchildren. By graduating high school I have set a very important example for my brother and sister along with all of my cousins. I have two aunts and three uncles and out of five of them only one of my aunts graduated. Therefore, they were proud of what I achieved because they did not do it themselves. My aunt who graduated had a big influence on me graduating. She too graduated from North Shore, the same high school I attended, and that impowered me even more to finish school. It was especially a happy day for my mother because she never made it out of middle school, dropped out, had a son at the age of sixteen and raised it on her own. Then, to see her first born walk across that stage and recieve his diploma, she was overwhelmed  by what I achieved. It was a very important day for me and my family. This day will never come again, therefore, it was the best day of my life.

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