My favorite memory

I had turned sixteen when my best friend bought me a turtle which I named Bubbles and my dad was a little mad because he does not like to have any kinds of pets in the house. At first I had Bubbles in a little cup where I have a bamboo and I realized I needed to buy a little aquarium for him because he would get the water really dirty and it would smell really bad. I asked my dad if he could buy me a little aquarium for him that had a filter that cleaned it, and my dad said no because it was just a waste of money. My dad was never okay with me having Bubbles, when I would be carrying him or putting him in new water, he would always say something bad about it like “how can you carry that stinky thing” but one day he totally changed his mind.

That same month on August which i had turned sixteen I got really sick to the point I could not get up to go to school; I felt really weak even though I would still eat but right after eating I would vomit everything. The next morning I woke up and I felt more weak than ever; my mom called the ambulance because I felt like I was going to faint. I was in the hospital for two days, the doctor said i probably ate something that was expired and was still in my system which caused me to vomit everything I ate, while in the hospital I was given medicine to clean out my system completely.

My dad gave me the best surprise on the second day I was in the hospital; he brought Bubbles with him and that made me really happy. I could not believe he had brought Bubbles because he had always said that Bubbles smelled bad and had never said anything nice about him. That day I left the hospital with my mom and we went home where my dad had a little surprise for me. I went into my room and he had bought a little aquarium for Bubbles and he also bought him another little partner, which he named Crush. Even though something bad had to happen in order for him to accept Bubbles, I’m glad it happened. August of two thousand and five became my favorite memory.  

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