My Favorite Person

My favorite person is by boyfriend of three and a half years, Keaton. When i’m with him i am always smiling. No matter how bad my day has been, he always knows what to say to make me laugh. He is my knight in shining armor. I don’t know what i would have done without him all this time. He has helped me get through some of the hardest times in my life. We recently got an apartment together and things have never been better. I love being able to fall asleep in his arms every night. Just like every couple we have our little fights, but he is way too cute to stay mad at for too long. We have two dogs together; a jack russel terrier named Loca and a basset hound named Spanky. They are the best dogs anyone could ask for. I’m only eighteen years old, but i know that i want to be with Keaton for the rest of my life. He is the love of my life.

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