My hero

As cliche as it may sound, my hero is my mom. I have always loved and appreciated my mom but just recentley in the last few years have I realized how amazing she really is.

By the age of twenty-five my mom had two children and no husband. Most people would agree this is already a tough situation. To make matters worse, my younger sister was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer when she was barely one year old. Although this was a hard time in her life, my mom did not crumble, she did not let this horrible thing in her life break her, or make her weak. My mom was able to go to work, get me to school, and take care of my sister all on her own. Of course I did not realize all this back when it was happening because I was too young, but thinking about it now makes me realize how strong of a woman my mom is. There is no way I could imagine myself in that situation at twenty-five years old; I think I would completely crack.

Thankfully my mom got married to a great guy and my sister got better, but this is just one example of why my mom is my hero. My mother has been a strong, postive example in my life, and I hope one day I can be as good of an example to my kids as she was to me.

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