My Hero

When you think of a hero you think of Superman or maybe Batman, but my hero is me. I have been through a lot in my short lifetime. I try my best not to show how I feel at times, but it still shows.

I lost my father two years ago and have been sick about it ever since.  It hurts to know that my dad will not be here to see my children grow up. I learned a lot from my old man, but I wish I could still het advice from him.

My brother is in prison for about two more years. He had nothing to do with the crime, but he still has to sit in a cell until his time is served. I miss him so much. He was there when I needed a friend to talk to  someone.

I have lost so many friends just this year to guns or just there good plans that turn bad. It’s hard to make it on your own, but I am trying my best to be strong. I just pray that I make it to see my children grow up. I am my hero because I made it from the place I came from alive. I will make this place better for my family to live in. I use to dream of death, but now I just try to dream of heaven while I am living in this place where you must be an angle.

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