Teenage Pregnancies!

Teenage girls are becoming pregnant at a very young age. United States teenage birth rates have gone up and down in the past sixty years. Some pregnancies being planned, others unexpected. Many of these girls are still in hgh school, and are forced to drop out to fully dedicate to their newborn. Many schools are now giving teenager lessons on sex education, and telling them about all the responsibilities that come with a baby. Parents are upset, and feel that schools are promoting sex, with their sex education. To be honest, parents should appreciate the fact that schools are spending money that could be used to buy new books, to educate their teenage kids on a very important topic. Quiet a few teenage girls do not know the risk of having a baby at a young age, it could be harmful to the baby as well as themselves. If parents could take time to actually sit down and talk to their teenagers about sex, perhaps we would see a drop in teenage birth rates. However, during these past two decades, United States teenage brith rates have declined and over half of the United States teenagers are inactive.

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