Texas Prison Systems

The current Texas prison systems is ridiculously overcrowded and does not seem to be working.  So does that tell you that there is obviously saomething wrong with the state’s methods of dealing with criminals?  Texas already has the highest death penalty rate in the country and the prisons are still over populated.  The food is horrible,  housing, well it’s prison you can’t be to picky,  but the basic ameneites that are requred are way below the standard.  For example clean clothes, I understand that it is a matter of cost to the facility but honestly washing thousands and thousands of shirts, pants, boxers and socks all together with no detergent and only hot water, then distributing them out randomly is far from sanitary. Not to mention that the prison systems seem succesful only in creating strongger, smarter, and hardened criminals.  I mean, a 17 year old kid could steal a car and get sentenced for a couple years.  While incarcerated he has nothing to do but go to the recreation yard and lift weights, play basketball or handball. He would also be spending a lot of time with other criminakls in there for variouse crimes.  So what happens after those two years?  Well now we have a 19 year old that’s stronger, faster, and a little smarter on what not to do to get caught.  There seems to be a seriose lack in the efforts to rehabilitate and the focus more on just punishment.

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