The Hero in my Life

Ever since I was a little girl I saw my mother as being superwomen.  She was married by the time she was sixteen and had three children by the age of twenty-one.  My mom and dad worked really hard to make sure we had everthing we needed.  Due to the stess my dad started to feel like he was too young and really did not want children so he packed up his things and bought a one way ticket to California.  When my dad left we were devasted, it took us a long to get over the emotional and financial stress.  My mother worked two jobs and saved any money she could so we could get a house.  By the time I was thirteen we had a house and she had a good stable job.  Although my mother, had obstacles in her way she never gave up on her children and her dreams.  She could have gave up and left also but she never did.  She did not take the coward way out and run from her responsibilites she faced them. That’s why I owe my mother so much respect.  She is someone I admire and love so much and someone I would like to be like in the furture.

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