Best Time Ever!

I tried to think of my best memory, or the best day in my life, but not many came up into my mind except a trip I took with my friends around three years ago.Every year, my entire family and friends unite in Mexico for fourth of July. July 2005 was no different from the previous years; or that was what I thought until July fifth. My friends and I broke that tradition by making our own. We decided to go in a “road trip” across the nearby towns for an entire day. We took our hats, shorts, and snacks and began our tour. We first went from our home-town Los Herreras to Cerralvo N.L. where four of us rode in the back of the truck (bad idea since it was the middle of the Summer) and the rest in the front (no air conditioner because it was too hot and it could overheat). From there we continued our trip to the following town which is Agualeguas N.L. There we went to the public pool and followed to the river. The water was so clear and cold, and you could feel the fish pass in-between your legs. The funny part of our trip was when one of our friends decided to get on a small inflatable boat and almost got pulled away with the current. After we rescued her, we continued our trip to the next towns (most of them were too small since we entered and exit them without noticing). Finally when we returned to our home-town, all of us had bad sun burns that did not let us sleep for almost three days. But the worst (and funny) part was that none of us had asked for permission and as soon as we arrived, we all got yelled at by our parents. I know that my story may not seem that special, but till this point, I can never forget it and when I remember, I can not avoid smiling. 

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