I Love Ya’ll!

Many people tend to say that the father is closer to their daughter(s), and the mother to their son(s). But i truly feel more closest to my mother, maybe because my father is always at work. As i grew up i would always stick to my fathers side, now i have grown apart from him and grown closer to my mother. As a kid my father and I would always be together, from running to the grocery store to going with him to work. But as i grew up I have distanced myself from him, he has a strong temper and sometimes we bump heads. My mother on the other side puts up with me, so i have got closer to her. Me and my mother now hold a strong bond, but sometimes i feel like I can be rude and disrespectful to her, as much as I try sometimes I don’t treat her like a mother should be treated. Many people tell me I need to straighten up, and not treat her that way. Im working on it because I know I only have one mother, and she is the most important person to me. Sometimes I start to think about the way I am with my mom, and I feel horrible, but I know it’s too late to fix it. Sometimes sorry doesn’t fix anything. Like my mother always tells me sorry doesn’t make things better. Many times I am rebellious and rude to my parents, but in the end they are my parents and I love them. So now I am more considerate and treat them with the respect they deserve. I love my parents.

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