Two o’ clock in the morning, I rolled over in bed with the worst stomach ache ever. I have had so many false alarms that I was afraid to react too quickly. I beat my husband up trying to wake him but still no respose but a loud snore. A couple of weeks overdue, I waddle my nine and a half month pregnant self around the house. About every eight minutes my stomach hurts worse than it did the time before and this time, I decide, “It’s time”. I waddle back into the bedroom to wake my husband but again he did not budge. I went into my mom’s room to get her since I could not wake my husband. I simply tell her, “you’re not going to work today. It’s time to meet your grandson.” With that being said her covers flew off of her and onto my dad’s head, waking him up. “Im having a baby today” I announced. I had no doubts after feeling the severity of the contractions that this was it. We timed my contractions for hours, each one getting worse and worse. The knots in my stomach and the baby kicking made me very naucious. Finally we headed to the hospital. After two IV’s and an epidural the nausea had stopped and the contractions were barely noticeable and at 11:39 am my son, Cayetano was born. Although it was the most painful day of my life, it was also the BEST day of my life.

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