It is Over

This is my first semester in college. I took speech this semester because it is a requirement. I would not have taken it if it was not. I do not do good talking in front of people I do not know. But, I know I can do it if I have to. My first speech was not so bad because there was only one other person in there. The second one still was not bad because there was only three other people in there. The third one the same thing but there was only two there people because they were all late. So, I got lucky on that one. Then the last one we did had to be a story about something that happened to us. In front of the whole class and I really did not have anything to talk about so that made me really nerves. Kind of like this narrative post I have to do for english but I do not have to say it in front of everyone. This is the end of the semester and it is over with. I do not have to worry about speech class anymore I just have to worry about real life. The work field I want to be in does not require me to speak in front of a large group. If I have to I will be a little nerves  but, I will do it because I have to. I am so glad i took speech and got it over with and I do not have to worry about it anymore.

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