My Father

Fortunately i had two parents in the household I grew up in.  Of course me being my fathers first child, I was considered daddy’s girl. My mom and I where not to close. But never-less,  my father who I considered to be my best friend , was absolutely the greatest to me.  He provided the necessities that I needed and the wants when I needed to be rewarded.  The bond and relationship we had for each other was like no other.  We would have our lime day out, and for those who are not familiar with the phrase lime day, that means a hang out.  My father was West Indian.  He would always support me in almost every situation I needed that extra support in.  He also had strict rules for me growing up. I could not just be a wild child  doing whatever I wanted and staying out as late as I wanted to.  As years went by my father and I grew even more closers.That’s when we found out he was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Those where the hardest two years of my life.  I spent every moment I had a chance with him.  From the chemo, to the radiation, up to the last few days he had.  Even though he was real sick, he and I still had the same connection we had when i was younger, all the was up to my teenage years.  I always told myself my husband or son, I want them to be just like my daddy.

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I am 5'7 african american. half west indian american. I love food and drinking my life away. Want to teach 9th grade math in about 2 years
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