My Graduation!!

Many people know that the best moments in life are prom,graduation, and your wedding.Well since im still to young to get married and prom is over with. The best day of my life has been the day i graduated hight school . I had been waiting for that day for twelve years. The anticaption of making my parents proud of me. The look on their face when i finally gave them my diploma. My great acomplishment of not worrying about my teachers, homework,and people i did not have to see ever again. I remember the thrill i had when they were playing our graduation song, and all the graduates coming out from behind the cutains. Looking up at the hundreds of people that were there with us to celebrate one of the best memory ever. All of the graduates looing around trying to find their families, wanting the boring speeches to be over. Since we had hundreds of students graduating it took for ever with the many different speeches, awards and names calling. Looking at each row in front of me getting up as there names were called.As our row leader told us to raise as we were about to walk through the stage. My knees felt week, my stomach filled with butterflies, and the fear of falling across the stage. As i was next in line i looked up at my parents, seeing in their eyes the satisfaction of having there little girl finally graduate high school. As every time i look at my diploma still makes me sad and happy at the same time.

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