My Trip to Europe!

My best memory which I would never forget was when I went to Europe.  I would of had never imagined me being able to go basically to the other side of the world. My trip was to London and Paris.  

I was invited by my cousin which was graduating from the University of St. Thomas as a teacher and in the other han I was graduating from high school. This trip was our present for our graduation. May 28, 2007 was our departure date and we were off to London! When we first arrived I was so excited that I was actually there that  I couldn’t believe it.

Our first stop was Buckingham Palace. While we were there we got to see the queen arrive to the palace! I only got to see the back of her head which was her hair. While we were in London and its surroundings I got to visit The Tower of London, St. Paul Cathedral, Windsor Castle, London Eye, Big Ben,Tower Bridge, Shakespeare’s Global Theatre ( I would never forget my visit there why well I actually ran into a wall because I was not paying attention I was too busy looking at the exhibits was pretty embarrassing and funny!), Stonehenge, The Roman Baths and the changing of the guards, there was other places but I can’t seen to remember at the time. Those were some of the places I visited during the week and off came the weekend and we were on our way to Paris!

Our trip was by train that actually went under water in order to get to Paris; it was about a three hour trip. While I was in Paris I went to the Museum of the Mona Lisa which is called  Muse du Louvre it was just amazing. We also went to the Arc de Triomphe which is just in the middle of all this traffic! That night we went on a Boat Tour throughout Paris. Our last day was the visit to The Eiffel Tower and went all the way to the third level just a beautiful view of Paris. I would have never thought I would be able to have gone to these amazing places. It felt like it was a dream come true.

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