South Padre Island; Memorial weekend

One of my favorite memories happened last year in South Padre Island for Memorial Day weekend.  2 of my uncles, my aunt, 2 neices my nephew, one of my friends, my girlfriend, her best friend and myself had all made plans to drive down for the weekend.  I was especially excited since i had just bought my new car so to drive it down to the island and on the beach was exciting.  The plan was to go to sleep early, wake up at three in the morning and leave to arrive by nine.  It didn’t really work out that way, to begin with we stayed up drinking till about 1:30 in the morning so when we woke up at five with my aunt yelling at everybody, nobody was really in a good mood.  By the time we finally got on the road it was about six in the morning and to make things worse after only an hour and a half on the road we got caught in a blanket of rain for the majority of the way there.  We finally did get to South Padre at about eleven, mostly due to my uncle driving at about ninety mph the whole way.  After arriving at the island the first stop was a Denny’s which was entirely to overcrowd, noisy and slow with the food, which really did’nt help anybody’s mood out seeing as everybody was still sleepy, hungover or just tired.  Everybody’s sour mood changed as soon as we walked into the hotel room.  As soon as we entered the first thing you noticed was straight through the living room over the balcony and onto the amazing view overlooking the pool, cabana area and out to the ocean.  Then you noticed the kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Although everybody was still a little tired there was no time to waste so we all changed went down to the beach and jumped in.  Bad idea, at least for me.  I was so tired from the drive and the very little sleep that i soon started to struggle against the current and even swallowed a little salt water which made me gag.  I decided to go to the pool area instead.  There was a carnaval in town also that featured a sling shot type of bench that shot you a good hundred feet in the air. Suffice it to say that its not realy a good idea to take shots before you get slung one hundred feet in the air.  We all basically went our own way that night and a couple of us ended up at at beach party  out in the middle of no where .  The next night we ended up going to a club/restaurant on the water which was something new for me. The food was excellent it was basicaly a buffet of your favorite seafood,  crab legs, stuffed crab,  shrimp, crawfish, catfish, lobster, and  langoustine.  At round 10 o’clock the fireworks started and it was a sight to behold not only were we sitting at a table out  on the balcony overlooking the water, but all the bad weather we had encountered on the way seemed to have entirely disappeared.  The moon was bright and there was not a cloud in the sky.  We all got back to the hotel at about two forty five everyone else decided to go to sleep but my girlfriend, myself and our 2 friends decided to go back down to the beach.  Interesting night…   .  Anyway,  by the time we got to sleep it was around four thirty.  The next day we were up at noon, checkout was at five and we still had a lot of things planned. All in all the i got about 10 hours of sleep that whole weekend and consumed more alchohol than i probably should have but i wouldnt trade that weekend for anything.  ( Due to the nature of this post i had to be mindfull and leave out many details,  so excuses the jumpy timeline.)

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