Teenage Pregnancy (Commentary)

Teenage pregnancy is a serious problem that revolves the whole world. The United States ranks among the highest rate regarding teenage pregnancies. It seems that now on days teenage pregnancy is so called common. I have been aware over my years I spent throughout middle and high school of all these types of cases and reasons why they get pregnant. Some thought it was cool since everyone was having sex, but some of these teenagers were unaware of the consequences of having sexual intercourse with their partners. Other saw it as a way out of a problem which can be a family issue etc.. Not all teenage pregnancies are wanted; in some cases teenage pregnancy occurs when they are sexually abused such as raped.

Another issue that affects teenagers is the ignorance during pregnancies. Some do not even go to the monthly checkup with the doctors. In addition to that, some abstain from taking their prenatal medications because they often do not know about it. This causes health related issues to the neonates and as well to the mother. “Children bringing children to the world” is a phrase I once heard which was basically explaining how some teenagers are too young and immature to bring another life to the world.  I’m not against teenage pregnancies neither in favor. I respect everyone’s point of view. I believe that we have time periods to experience.  Why experience motherhood in your teenage years when those are the best years of your life?

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