[ The Best Night of Leila’s Life. ]

      Well, the quickest “best day” that came to mind was the evening of June 4th, 2006. On that day, there was electricity in the air. I suppose you’re wondering, why? On June the fourth, I was going to witness something completely beautiful.  It was that night that I went to my very first Nine Inch Nails concert, something that I had been dreaming about for so long (you see, my mother did not allow her 13 year-old daughter to go in 2000).
      I remember anxiously waiting for the show from the day I bought my ticket until the big event. My best friend (Sam), her baby sister (Manda), and the sister’s best friend (Carlos)also bought tickets and we went together. We all got dressed up for the show and none of us cared that it was June in Texas when it came to our attire. We were an awesome four-some, all sharing the same mantra — nothing can stop me now.
      Sadly, none of us have tons of money just lying around waiting to be spent. We had to watch the show from the hill, on the lawn, whatever you want to call. We were pretty far from the actually stage, but when you are so pumped up over something then there is nothing that can stop you from being elated. Also, Trent Reznor looooves using huge screens, so we didn’t miss out too terribly on anything.
     To put it simply? It. Was. Amazing. It was everything I had ever built in my mind, it was better. I was there, watching the best musician in the world. The set list was great. They played following “Head Like A Hole”, “Sin”, and “Terrible Lie” from Pretty Hate Machine; “Closer”, “March of the Pigs”, and “The Becoming” from The Downward Spiral; “Into The Void” and “The Big Come Down” from The Fragile; 3/4th of With Teeth; as well as “Get Down, Make Love” (a Queen cover) off of their Sin single release. Very intense show.
      We were all so wiped out after the show that we joked around saying that Trent Reznor is a sorcerer who plays shows only so that he may steal his fans energy. Best night of my life, hands down.


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