Two little me’s

My two daughters are the people in my life I care about the most. They truly are my best friends. It has been just us three for almost five years, and my kids still amaze me how cool they are. We have been through some hard times to be where were at in life with each other, but I am thankful and blessed to be raising my kids. I believe when my kids are old enough to look back and understand, that they will also be thankful for the family that we have. My youngest daughter two days ago learned how to ride here bike without training wheels. About the third time she feel she got up limping with a trail of blood running down here leg, looked at me and said so wisely, “If you fall off, get back on and try again.”It did not just show me how old my little girl was getting, but it showed me that what I have been teaching my daughters is the right way. It was not just a big day for my daughter, it was a big day for me. A lot of parents regret missing their child’s childhood,and wish they could of done more at the time while their kids were young. I am not saying that I will not look back and want to change something in our past, but I can not see how I could ever regret the way I have been able to raise my kids. They keep me focused and determined in life. I may not have been able to go out and do the things a lot of people my age were doing while raising my children, but I have always known that what I am doing is my destiny. So when my little girl smacks a parked truck, gets up, and so proudly says what she did, it reassures me that my girls are my life.

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