My Autobiographies: Now and Later


The words I will use are funny, sweet, kind, romantic, cute and respect. I have to show respect to get it in return. I try my best to be a sweetheart to the women in my life. I like to be kind to others if they are kind to me. I am romantic at all times with women. I am cute because my grandmother told me so. I am funny because of the last comment.

My Time is Over:

I  want my words to be strong, loving, great, willing, thankful and missed. I want to be remembered as a strong hearted man who kept his family safe. I want to be loved by just being remembered by others. I want to be great by the life that i lived. I want to be willing at all times to listin and just be there when needed. I want to be missed by the one’s who love me. I want to be thankful for living the life that i led.

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