My Six Word Autobiographies

“Life is hard, get over it.”

I recent had to learn and embrace this concept this semester. Things go wrong in your life and there is nothing that you can do about it. This semester was the hardest semester of my life. I had just started dating my fiancé at the middle of last year and we got engaged at the beginning of the year. He is going into the Air Force this summer and he wants to be married before he goes to boot camp. These past few months, I have been trying to put a wedding together for June since March. In the mist of all that, my mother injured her back and has been lying down a lot. She can not cook or clean right now, so that means I have to do all of what she does during the week and everything I am supposed to do along with that. I also have a job as a tutor at the local high school. They teachers know that I am going into the education field so they ask me to put together lessons for the week. It is not an easy task. I do not know how teacher do it now. Along with all though things, I have to be a college student. Writing papers and doing math homework. In the end, I know this will make me a better person, because I went through it all and I am O.K.

“She was loved by her family”

On my grave, those are the exact word that I want written on my tombstone. In fifty years, I will be a wife and a mother. Hopefully, my husband and I will still be married to each other. Sitting on the porch, drinking lemonade and talking about what we went through to be together. While sipping our lemonade, we would watch our children and grandchildren running and playing in our yard. I would like to know that I would have shown my children the right way to live and that they would pass that on to their children. In all of my life, I just want to show my family that I am there for them and will always be there for them.  I will be the best wife, mother grandmother that my kids have ever seen.

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