Next President?

Is it going to be Obama or Clinton? This race I have to say is a very interesting one. Certain things have been said about this person or that, and the reasoning for it is just to get a little edge in front of their opponent. Politics is a very precuilar business as well as others world wide, but in the atmosphere of all the campaigning there is much tension with one another. I think there is no such thing as friendly competition anymore. There have been blows thrown at each other on both sides and it seems to get even worse as it continues. I think they both are good leaders for this country and either one could be great heads for the U.S, but as we make our path into a better tomorrow is that really what the goal is? I mean after what president Bush did in the past years, can we really put faith in another. Sadly the thing is the nation needs a leader or it will be like sailing a ship without a captain.

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