My 6 word autobiography

Now: Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Im the kind of person who loves to enjoy life and live every moment to the fullest. Im young and single i like to go out with friends and just hang. I enjoy going to the movies, on dates and clubbing. Every person should enjoy and have fun now while they still can. You dont know what might happen tommorrow, who you might loose or who you might meet. Just hanging with the girls driving around to nowhere with the loud music , shades on and just having Fun!! Girls just want to have fun, get some attention and live life.

Then: Live Life While You Still Can
In 10 years from now i dont want to look back at my life in regret on stuff i missed out on. I want to have enjoyed myself to the fullest by the time I’m married and with children. That does not mean that when im older i cant still go out with the girls and just feel young again. I want to be remember as a person full of life always laughing, acting goofy and always smiling. The kind of person that any one can get along with and putting friendship before anything.

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