6 word autobiography

I can only do my best.

Sometimes I do give my all and sometimes I feel like giving up. It’s not easy all the time  It gets hard sometimes and I feel I have a lot more on my plate that I can handle.  I am 24 years old and I do it all by myself. I  do give a hundred percent most of the time. Who is perfect? No one is.  I try and sometimes I do not succeed. I go through obstacles just like everyone else.  All I can do is my best.

 All the hard work payed off

I am a successful now. I made it through all the hurdles. graduated from college and went on to get my masters. I struggled and worked harder than ever.  Now I  am a principle at LaPorte High School.  My brother is the vice principal at the Jr. High. All the complaining and whining and wanting to give up all payed off.  I made it.  My kids are proud.

About kmark

I am 5'7 african american. half west indian american. I love food and drinking my life away. Want to teach 9th grade math in about 2 years
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